Who we are working for

AUSIGETI represents, manages and defends the professional, economic and social common interests of its partners. In this line, provides value-added services, by working with government, and generally developing any activity necessary to protect the interests of the area and quality of their works. AUSIGETI works to:

· Know the status and safety conditions and operation of existing infrastructure
· Keeping them in adequate conditions of safety and service during its life
· Improve security, quality, operation and maintenance of new infrastructure
· Optimize economically design, operation and maintenance.
· Bring about technology advances in the field of infrastructure
· Extend the infrastructure lifespan



Its activity takes the form of diverse sectoral committees tasks, which address virtually all areas affecting the examination and management of technical infrastructure:

· Roads solid
· Railways
· Platform of linear works
· Tunnels
· Bridges and structures
· Water management
· Environment


What does Ausigeti offer


To provide adequate examination and implementation of management systems to government with the appropriate technical rigor to the complex and large sector of infrastructure building issues.


Which guarantees the availability of validated methodologies and efficient examination as well as great references to the implementation of technical management systems developed.


Application of new ideas, products, services and methods to increase knowledge of the works and the reliability of the safety analysis of infrastructure.

Working Comittees

Commission for Road
Linear Commission Platforms Works
Tunnel Commission
Commission Bridges and Structures
Railway Roads Commission
Commission of Hydraulic Works and Environment