Who Are We

Our Philosophy

The National Association of Auscultation and Technical Infrastructure Management Systems, AUSIGETI is an organization formed by main companies engaged in activities related to the examination and management of technical infrastructure.

Since its founding on November 27, 2007 AUSIGETI had as main mission to publicize and share the accumulated knowledge of the associated companies to perform its function of ensuring the present and future effectiveness of infrastructure and major works carried out in Spain.

Among its main objectives is the organization of activities in which the most important issues of the different specialties are analyzed, the publication of reports and studies, coordination of our businesses in the participation of fairs and Congress concerning our activity and disseminate as widely as possible the activity of the association.

In this sense AUSIGETI has organized four technical conferences, published several technical journals, and actively participated in activities of other organizations related to their activity.

Ultimately AUSIGETI now carried a constant effort to bring together the capabilities of its partners to provide a solvent response to technical and contractual aspects, thus achieving activate the technical and professional development of infrastructure, both in Spain and abroad . And in this way we walk without fainting and increasing technical and professional impact since our founding.

Executive Committee

· José Polimón López – President
· Leonardo Benatov – First Vice President – EUROCONSULT
· Jürgen Fleitz – General secretary – OFITECO
· Carlos Moreno Blanes – Second Vice President – IIC
· Gustavo Armijo Palacio – Deputy Secretary General – GEOCISA
· Jose Manuel Fernandez – Treasurer- ACCIONA INGENIERIA
· Carlos Quesada García – Corporate Director – AUSIGETI